Product field: Automotive, Power tool, Home Appliance
Hot Runner System: HUSKY, MoldMaster, Incoe
Component Standard: HASCO, DME

PacMold – your reliable & faithful mold/mould maker
Two co-operation options:

1. Mold was shipped to customer for production.
(American or European mold standard)
2.Plastic products was shipped to customer and mold was kept with us.
(We take care of plastic injection molding)


injection molding & plastic products process management

We own machines of CNC, wire EDM, EDM, overhead crane. Export mold to you directly after mold machining.

Familiar with Hot Runner System: Husky, Incoe, Synventive. Familiar with resin: ABS, PP, POM, TPU, TPV

Whether contracting for one plastic mold or a program of a many products , much more is involved than just placing an order and waiting for delivery.

Day to day liaison is needed to address technical issues, manage engineering changes, and provide the customer with a high level of confidence that the program is on schedule and the parts will meet specifications.

PacMold will assigns a program manager to each job.


Positive custom using experience and feedback


30 years design , manufacture and custom service experience


Listening custom feedback , research and development continuously


We have mold design engineers, drawing engineers, business engineers, quality engineers and more than 7 engineers with more than 20 years experience in making molds.


E-MAIL and Online service , overseas on a business trip


Discuss mold design details with customers before making molds